NESTOR Greek-Bulgarian Trial

Start Date:

13 March 2023

End Date:

21 March 2023

The NESTOR Greek-Bulgarian land and maritime pilot demonstration was co-organised on 13-21 March 2023 in Greece (Orestiada, Alexandroupolis and Samothraki Island) by the trial leader and Project Coordinator, Hellenic Police and by the Project Manager KEMEA. Guests had the opportunity to attend the pilot demonstration on 16 March 2023 (VIP Day), which took place in the city of Alexandroupolis. and highlighted the need for better protected borders in Europe.

The Greek-Bulgarian land and maritime trial focused on the execution of storylines on irregular migration, both in maritime and land border areas, where the capabilities and attributes of the NESTOR platform were tested and evaluated. More specifically, the trial took place in three locations, namely, Marasia Orestiada, Delta of Evros, and the island of Samothrace. New technologies were tested through the joint management of the NESTOR platform, which, by being supported by the BC3i, allowed remote surveillance of the monitored border areas. The trial successfully demonstrated the capabilities of the NESTOR platform, following the successful trials in Lithuania and Cyprus.

Having completed three successful trials, NESTOR will reflect upon their outcome and will distill the accumulated knowledge and the lessons learnt.

Photos of the trial can be found below:
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