Enhance the situational awareness and pre-frontier intelligence at the EU external borders by developing and integrating surveillance technologies and testing and validating them in real international trial scenarios.

Create a reliable, enhanced maritime surveillance and border security interoperability framework to be used in a Common Information Sharing Environment for exchanging data and services among border authorities.

Allow for considerable cost-savings, performance improvement and quick adoption of the solution by building the NESTOR system on existing state-of-the-art systems and infrastructures.

Improve the surveillance areas’ overall operational image and qualitatively expand detection capabilities for the EU maritime safety and security agencies by using mixed reality technologies and by offering a wide coverage surveillance system.

Improve situational awareness, decision making and reaction for both land and maritime boarder control by utilizing bespoke visual analytics tools and multimodal data fusion.

Enhance the capabilities to exchange advanced pre-frontier intelligence information at cross-border and cross-sectoral level by implementing the CISE adaptors and EUROSUR compliant interfaces. and assess their impact in the project’s trials.

Improve the global maritime security under the implementation of the EU Global Strategy by complying with the EU Maritime Security Strategy Action Plan.