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On 8 December 2022, Elistair partner held a webinar on the technological challenges Europe faces in monitoring its borders. Several topics of interest were covered during this session and a variety of experts from the scientific community, technology partners, numerous stakeholders and national authorities were present.

At the webinar entitled “European Border Surveillance Challenges and Technologies: The Example of the Nestor Project” Mr. Aggelos Vasileiou from Satways Ltd. shared his expertise on existing border overwatch technologies and their limitations, and explained how the project is developing a functional next generation, holistic border surveillance system.

The role of the Orion 2 tethered drone in NESTOR dispositive was also described.

Below is the detailed agenda:

  • Introducing Elistair by Karan Khurana
  • Introducing Aggelos Vasileiou and Satways Ltd.
  • Discussion about current border technologies limitations and their challenges
  • Explanations about Nestor Project and the role of the Orion 2 as a component of its border surveillance dispositive
  • Questions – Answers with the participants

We would like to thank our partners from Elistair and Satways Ltd. for their entire support and their active participation in the project.

Read more about this very interesting webinar here.

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