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It is significant that the NESTOR project was presented at HEMUS 2022 on June 2nd, 2022 by NESTOR’s partner Narda Safety Test Solutions GmbH held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The International Defence Equipment and Services Exhibition “HEMUS 2022” is the most important Bulgarian international defence and security exhibition also linked to the Rise-SD conference. This year the total number of attendees in the exhibition was almost 2500.

During the Hemus 2022 RISE-SD symposium-Session C, Narda’s Regional Manager gave the “Future Trends in Radio Monitoring in a Universe of Heterogeneous Requirements” presentation.

Narda Safety Test Solutions GmbH presented plans to further integrate automated functions by user-editable Python scripting and features, like heat map algorithm data output for navigation system for their RF sensors for geo-location, aka SignalShark Receiver and ADFA2 auto-DF antenna. There was also a SignalShark ADFA Presentation with more than 85 booth visitors overall.

Learn more information about Narda Safety Test Solutions GmbH:

  • Narda STS is part of NardaMiteq which is underworld ́s Top 10 for RF components.
  • Narda STS is the world leader in EMF measuring devices.
  • Narda STS is underworld ́s Top 3 for compact Radio. Monitoring and Direction Finding Systems.
  • Narda ́s most recent product family SignalShark has already been acquired by more than 50 national spectrum monitoring authorities.

Here you can find more information about Narda Safety Test Solutions GmbH and its role in the project.

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