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Our Consortium partner Gruppo Maggioli (MAG) organised the Local Police Conference 2022, 41st Edition, which took place in Riccione, Italy on 15-17 September 2022.

This event is confirmed as the main Italian ‘agora’ dedicated to the Local Police, aimed at creating synergies and increasing connections between the actors in the sector.

A two-hour session was dedicated to NESTOR which was moderated by Maggioli, which leads the Communication, Dissemination, and Standardization activities of the project. During the conference, the objectives of the project, the technical approach and video demos were shown. The motivation, and objectives of the project were first presented, followed by an overview of the project and a presentation of the major project trial in Evros, Greece. Then the capacity and preparedness of end users were presented along with the technical challenges the project must overcome while integrating several diverse and heterogeneous technologies.
The session closed with a presentation on the standardization activities of NESTOR for border surveillance, an area in which no standards exist, and the project aspires to lay the foundation of defining standards for border surveillance.

The event attracted over 1000 participants with various expertise, qualified experts in the sector such as jurists, teachers and trainers, managers of ministries and local authorities, representatives of the main trade associations, and local administrators. The technologies developed by NESTOR are of direct interest of all Border Management and Law Enforcement Agencies as they provide significant support for their daily and sensitive operations. Therefore, raising awareness and communicating European research initiatives like NESTOR to these agencies is an action of great significance as the outcome of these projects can significantly enhance their operations.

The Experts who spoke at the conference

  • Dr. Sofoklis Efremidis (Maggioli): moderator of the NESTOR session
  • Ms. Giannoula Halvatzi (Hellenic Police): NESTOR’s operational perspective / End-users viewpoint
  • Ms. Mirela Rosgova (KEMEA): NESTOR Project Overview
  • Dr. Konstantinos Ioannidis (CERTH): NESTOR Technical Overview
  • Dr. Konstantinos Ioannidis (On behalf of SATWAYS): The Integrated NESTOR Platform
  • Mr. Pertti Woitsch (Woitsch Consulting Oy): A Standardization Roadmap for Border Management

We would like to thank our partners from Hellenic Police, KEMEA, CERTH, WCO and SATWAYS for participating in the Conference and of course Gruppo Maggioli for the amazing organization.

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