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It was an immense pleasure to present NESTOR project during the online workshop “Horizon Border Security Projects” organized by Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, on the 1st of June 2022 as part of the EU Horizon framework.

Frontex is one of European Union’s most dynamic and fastest-growing agencies, which supports the EU Member States and Schengen Associated Countries in the development and management of EU’s external borders and in fighting cross-border crime.

More information about Frontex can be found at: https://frontex.europa.eu/

The workshop was organized as an online-based event focused on border security projects kicked off in 2021 and it was open to the entities which are part of the projects’ consortia, Member States authorities (police, border police etc.) and EU institutions. NESTOR’s presentation outlined a comprehensive total overview of the project including all the important details, objectives and key details.

We would like to thank the project Coordinator, Ms. Giannoula Chalvatzi from Hellenic Police, Greece and the Project Manager, Mr. Dimitrios Myttas from KEMEA Center for Security Studies for the participation and the great presentation of the project.

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