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The NESTOR Demo Day & Final Workshop was held on Monday, 24th April 2023, in Athens, Greece, at the Center for Security Studies premises and drew more than 190 attendees. The event was a testament to the hard work and dedication of the project team, and the successful implementation of the project’s objectives.

The project has successfully completed its Demo Day & Final Workshop, showcasing the operational capabilities of its next-generation border surveillance system. The system was developed and tested throughout different land and maritime trials in Lithuania, Cyprus, and Greece, offering pre-frontier situational awareness beyond borders in alignment with the European Integrated Border Management concept. The event focused on the final demonstration of the project’s operational capabilities and the outcomes achieved within its 18-month lifecycle.

Attendees had the opportunity to watch six dedicated videos demonstrating the NESTOR Trials and a live presentation of all NESTOR project assets. These included the BC3i platform (Satways Ltd), surveillance cameras (Miltech Hellas S.A.), mixed reality HoloLens glasses (University of Oulu), RF sensors (Narda Safety Test Solutions GmbH, Decodio AG), and unmanned vehicles such as tethered drones, autonomous ground vehicles, and underwater vehicles.

The video footage of the event is now available on the project’s YouTube channel. Be sure to check out the video and witness the future of border surveillance technology.

WATCH VIDEO | NESTOR Demo Day & Final Workshop
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