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CENTRIC (Centre of Excellence in Terrorism, Resilience, Intelligence & Organised Crime Research) is a multidisciplinary, security-focused research centre located at Sheffield Hallam University.  The staff and partners of CENTRIC have a strong applied orientation and proven track record in multiple disciplines. CENTRIC provides solutions to some of Europe’s most pressing contemporary security challenges through the delivery of applied research, advanced technological capabilities, professional expertise and training. CENTRIC has close links with a number of local, national and international LEAs and security specialist groups as well as collaborating with leading technology providers. CENTRIC builds on over ten years of work by a range of colleagues across government, academia and the private sector. The CENTRIC team has experience of more than 50 independent, EU, and International research projects.

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Within NESTOR, CENTRIC leads the development of the project’s legal and ethical framework for the future operational version of the system and on the technical side the development of services for web and social media monitoring and visual analytics and decision support mechanisms.

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