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Guardia Civil is a Public Security Corps of a military nature and national scope that is part of the State Security Forces and Bodies.

Its origin dates back to March 28, 1844 when, by Royal Decree, Guardia Civil was created as a “special body of armed forces of Infantry and Cavalry”, with “the name of Guardia Civil”.

The main mission of Guardia Civil will be to guarantee the protection of citizens against criminal acts that may threaten them, ensure compliance with the laws by bringing to justice all those who violate them, defend the free exercise of rights and freedoms. and preserve citizen security.

Likewise, it is the mission of Guardia Civil to care and assist citizens through collaboration with Civil Protection services, traffic surveillance, nature protection, rescue and help in mountains and territorial sea and, in short, any action that bring to the aid, help and protection of the citizen.

Role within the project

GUCI's main role in this project focuses on participation in the following technical areas: use case scenarios and requirements, legal and ethical framework, system evaluation and dissemination and communication.

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